Region 15 Schools: Preparing our Students for the 21st Century 

Pomperaug Regional School District 15 educates the children of Middlebury and Southbury in one high school (Pomperaug High School), two middle schools (Memorial Middle School and Rochambeau Middle School), four elementary schools (GainfieldLong MeadowMiddlebury, and Pomperaug Elementary School). The historic Mary I Johnson school houses the central administrative offices for the district.

The school district provides a comprehensive education program to meet the interests abilities, needs, and career goals of all students. Goal-setting provides the foundation and framework to ensure that an organizational focus on 21st century learning is maintained. Regional School District 15’s long-term goal sets a clear and compelling vision for the district’s current and future efforts.

The goal states:  “Students will demonstrate the Region 15 learner expectations of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, innovation, global citizenship, and character.”

This goal works in conjunction with Regional School District 15’s mission statement.“The mission of Region 15, a collaborative community committed to excellence, is to educate every student to be productive, ethical, and engaged in a global society through proven and innovative learning experiences supported by its strong community whose decision-making is based on the best interest of all students.

Together, the long-term goal and mission statement support the future direction of the region, confirm the district’s commitment to 21st century education, and provide a systemic approach to the district’s high standard of excellence. 


Video:  Region 15 Orientation