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11/5/2014 - Art Enrichment Nature-Inspired Field Trip

Long Meadow Elementary School art teacher Louise Porter-Hahn loves the outdoors and, because it is such an inspiration to her own art, she loves to share it with her students. Click HERE for photo gallery.

For the past six years, Porter-Hahn has taken her Art Enrichment students into the woods for a full-day art field trip. Among the leaves, twigs, and streams is where she encourages her students to examine their surroundings, sketch what they see, and create a sculpture using found materials.

“This field trip into nature is so important in order to create a balance with all the technology and structure in their lives,” said Porter-Hahn. “One boy told me that building with leaves, stones, and twigs is so different from building with Legos because the pieces don’t easy fit together. This is where their creativity kicks in.”

In preparation for the October 21st field trip, the Art Enrichment students watched a documentary about Scottish environmental sculptor Andy Goldsworthy who creates art made entirely of materials found in the wild.

This year’s Art Enrichment field trip took place at the Roxbury Land Trust, Brian Tierney Preserve. Art Enrichment is a before-school program that is geared to students who demonstrate an exceptional ability, a willingness to explore and brainstorm and enthusiasm in the visual arts. This year, 13 fifth-graders and one third-grader are enrolled in the program at Long Meadow Elementary School.