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7/7/2014 - Afghanistan Music Adventure

MMS Orchestra teacher, Holly Bishop and her husband just returned from their teaching adventures in Afghanistan where they spent three weeks teaching music. The Afghani students were wonderful and they had a great time.

Mrs. Bishop brought over 40 letters written by Memorial Middle School students as an opportunity to introduce the MMS students to another culture and to students who share their interests across the globe. The letters were polite and friendly, and the students at Memorial who participated did a wonderful job representing their school and the United States.

The students at ANIM (Afghanistan National Institute of Music) could not have been more excited to receive these letters! They each wrote a letter in return, some to specific students, plus some extras. Mrs. Bishop hopes that MMS students can continue exchanging letters and maybe include more next time. This is a wonderful way for the students at ANIM to practice their English, and bridge cultures and countries.

"I am very proud of the MMS and ANIM students, and I look forward to sharing my adventures and photos with everyone and the students in the fall."