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9/3/2019 - What are the Region 15 Theories of Action?
To strengthen our schools and create a district of continuous improvement, we focus our work around four Theories of Action. The following statements capture actions we will take and the outcomes we expect for ourselves and our students. You will see them manifest in different ways depending on the grade of your student, but all are designed to support them on their journey through our schools.

Region 15 Theories of Action:

  1. If we foster schools that are welcoming and inclusive to all students, then students will feel valued and they will be better able to access their learning.
  2. If we improve our ability to align assessments to curriculum, improve our data culture, and increase our analysis of student learning, then we will be more equipped to provide meaningful student engagement and increased achievement.
  3. If we embrace communication, transparency, and collaborative relationships within ourselves and the community then we will improve trust and participation in supporting our students.
  4. If we increase and promote access to career pathways, curriculum, and shared instructional experiences then our district will prepare students for the world they will enter after their time with us.