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5/29/2020 - Class of 2020 Graduation Video!


Click here to view the PHS Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony Video


“It is our honor to celebrate the accomplishments of the Pomperaug High School Class of 2020.  Throughout high school we have pushed our students to be the best version of themselves and to constantly reflect on how they must adapt to life changes that may impact what that looks like.  Over this school year we have challenged our Seniors to make sure they leave a lasting positive impact on their school community.  Perhaps no class has had to face these ideas more head-on than our graduating Seniors.  They have faced an unprecedented challenge and it is our hope that we have provided them the tools that they will need to continue to be successful as they move forward into their lives.  We are excited to celebrate them with these events and look forward to seeing the positive impact that our students will make on their world as they take all of the things that they have learned throughout high school and through the past few months,” Dr. Paul N. Jones, Principal of Pomperaug High School.