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9/10/2014 - Odyssey of the Mind

Are you CREATIVE? Do you like to… work in small groups? … tinker with ‘stuff’? … make props and costumes or perform? Do you ‘Think Outside of the Box?” If you do, then check out: ODYSSEY OF THE MIND!

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OM) ? CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

OM is an international problem-solving competition that encourages creative thinking and teamwork.

Small teams of 5 to 7 students select 1 out of 6 problems to solve - then work until competition day in March to make the most creative solution possible!

What kind of problems?
Every year, CCI (Creative Concepts, Inc.), creates 6 new problems in 6 categories – these are called Long Term Problems:
1. Vehicle – teams build vehicles of various sizes, using different power sources, to perform a series of tasks.
2. Technical – Teams design innovative contraptions to incorporate into a performance or set of tasks.
3. Classical – Students select a piece of history, literature or art as part of their solution.
4. Structure – Participates create a structure of balsa wood and glue designed to hold weight.
5. Performance – teams develop ideas for a solution around a specific theme with several required elements.
6. Primary – our youngest competitors (K-2) solve a simpler version of a long term problem.

All of the problems involve an 8 minute performance of some kind. There is building, creating, designing, and performing in all of the problems. The OM problem is solved entirely by the kids – every idea, design, line of dialog, prop, structure, and vehicle must be imagined, created, produced, and tested by the team. Friends, parents and coaches can NOT even make suggestions!

On the day of competition your team will perform your long term problem solution/skit for a group of judges and spectators. In addition, your team will be given an ‘on the spot’ problem called SPONTANEOUS that is seen only by judges; it will showcase how creative you can be AND how much teamwork you show!