Rochambeau MS News & Announcements

5/22/2015 - Fantastic Festivals awards
On May 22nd, the Rochambeau Middle School small ensemble groups received Platinum, Gold, and Silver plaques and the Esprit de Corps Award at the Fantastic Festivals Adjudication held at Six Flags Amusement Park in Massachusetts.

The RMS Chorale was awarded Platinum for their performance, the highest award for a group. It is the first time any of the school’s groups has received this in the over 10 years of attending these festivals. The Jazz Band received Gold and the Chamber Orchestra Silver.

Additionally, the group of participating students, as a whole, was awarded the Esprit de Corps Award. This award is given to the group or school that best exemplifies good decorum and good musicianship. The Esprit de Corps Award reads: ‘Presented to the performing group that best represents its school and community, displaying exemplary cooperation, support, and spirit.’

“All of our students, teachers and chaperones share this award and we are proud to bring it back to our school,” said Corinne Brewer, RMS Chorale Director. “It is a rare honor and represents all we strive for at RMS.”

This, Brewer said, is a validation for what RMS takes pride in and tries to do as a school every day.